A material that stood the test of time


Lets face it timber has been around for thousands of years. In fact at certain times entire civilisations were sculpted, built and furnished by this abundant material. It’s place in society has become firmly established as a very versatile resource. We use it in buildings, furniture, shipping, instruments, books, etc. Yet why has this resource never aged. Many other materials have had their day and gone yet timber (wood) has long stood as dominant resource in the market. It has stood the test of time. Why you may ask?

The answer lies in the inherent properties of timber, which makes it a perfect material in all construction especially in timber flooring and decking. It is an incredibly strong material with certain Hardwoods able to last for centuries as an interior material with little maintenance. Wood’s versatility is matched by it’s ability to be manipulated in many forms. It can be bent, cut, sanded, joined and strengthened with reinforced pins. In addition it has the potential to be treated with colours, it can be painted, stained, polished & lacquered to fit desired outcomes. Another facet of timber’s uniqueness is the natural patterns that the growth of timber creates so that no two pieces could ever be the same. This has great appeal to designers and homeowners who are looking for a more creative and natural feel to their home. Besides aesthetic reasons timber is also quite flexible, thus absorbing a great deal of shock from the body when engaging in daily activities.

So next time you are looking to furnish or renovate your home why don’t look at timber flooring as a natural, aesthetic and durable choice. We at Halych Holdingare more than happy to consult with you so we can provide the right combination of timber products and installation.